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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 66: Commerce and Business.

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Article 1 - Regulation and Inspection. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2 - Manufacture and Sale of Matches and Lighters. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3 - Candy and Similar Products. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4 - Electrical Materials, Devices, Appliances and Equipment. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4A - Safety Features of Hot Water Heaters. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4B - Safety Features of Trailers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5 - Sale of Phonograph Records or Electrical Transcriptions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6 - Sale of Nursery Stock. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7 - Tagging Secondhand Watches. [RTF] [PDF] Article 8 - Public Warehouses. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9 - Collection of Accounts. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9A - Private Detectives. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9B - Motor Clubs and Associations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9C - Collection Agencies. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10 - Fair Trade. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10A - Inventions Developed by Employee. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11 - Government in Business. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11A - Electronic Commerce In Government. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11B - Electronic Access to State Services. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12 - Coupons for Products of Photography. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13 - Miscellaneous Provisions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14 - Business under Assumed Name Regulated. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15 - Person Trading as "Company" or "Agent." [RTF] [PDF] Article 16 - Unfair Trade Practices in Diamond Industry. [RTF] [PDF] Article 17 - Closing-Out Sales. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18 - Labeling of Household Cleaners. [RTF] [PDF] Article 19 - Business Opportunity Sales. [RTF] [PDF] Article 20 - Loan Brokers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 21 - Prepaid Entertainment Contracts. [RTF] [PDF] Article 22 - Discount Buying Clubs. [RTF] [PDF] Article 23 - Rental Referral Agencies. [RTF] [PDF] Article 24 - Trade Secrets Protection Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 25 - Regulation of Precious Metal Businesses. [RTF] [PDF] Article 26 - Farm Machinery Agreements. [RTF] [PDF] Article 27 - Sales Representative Commissions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 28 - Rental Car Advertising and Sales Practices. [RTF] [PDF] Article 29 - Invention Development Services. [RTF] [PDF] Article 30 - Credit Repair Services Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 31 - Membership Camping Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 32 - Peddlers, Itinerant Merchants, and Specialty Markets. [RTF] [PDF] Article 33 - Telephonic Seller Registration and Bond Requirement. [RTF] [PDF] Article 34 - Certificates of Authentication. [RTF] [PDF] Article 35 - Agreements Between North Carolina and Foreign Governments. [RTF] [PDF] Article 36 - Truthful Advertisements of Costs of Servicing or Repairing Private Passenger Vehicles. [RTF] [PDF] Article 37 - Tobacco Reserve Fund and Escrow Compliance. [RTF] [PDF] Article 38 - Year 2000 Liability and Damages. [RTF] [PDF] Article 39 - Self-Service Storage Rental Contracts. [RTF] [PDF] Article 40 - Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 41 - Manufacturing Redevelopment Districts. [RTF] [PDF] Article 42 - State Franchise for Cable Television Service. [RTF] [PDF] Article 43 - Service Agreements. [RTF] [PDF] Article 44 - Free Insurance. [RTF] [PDF] Article 45 - Pawnbrokers, Metal Dealers, and Scrap Dealers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 46 - Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers. [RTF] [PDF]