130A-310.2. Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites Priority List.

(a) No later than six months after July 1, 1987, the Commission shall develop a system for the prioritization of inactive hazardous substance or waste disposal sites based on the extent to which such sites endanger the public health and the environment. The Secretary shall apply the prioritization system to the inventory of sites to create and maintain an Inactive Hazardous Waste Site Priority List, which shall rank all inactive hazardous substance or waste disposal sites in decreasing order of danger. This list shall identify the location of each site and the type and amount of hazardous substances or waste known or believed to be located on the site. The first such list shall be published within two years after July 1, 1987, with subsequent lists to be published at intervals of not more than two years thereafter. The Secretary shall notify owners, operators, and responsible parties of sites listed on the Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites Priority List of their ranking on the list. The Inactive Hazardous Sites Priority List shall be used by the Department in determining budget requests and in allocating any State appropriation which may be made for remedial action, but shall not be used so as to impede any other action by the Department, or any remedial or other action for which funds are available.

(b) Repealed by Session Laws 2012-200, s. 21(e), effective August 1, 2012. (1987, c. 574, s. 2; 2008-107, s. 12.1A(a); 2012-200, s. 21(e).)