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Bill Summaries for Senate Bill 257

Summary DocumentTitleLast Updated
S257-SMRB-53(e2)-v-2Appropriations Act of 2017.05/11/2017
S257-SMRQ-73(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.35: Charter School Transportation Grant Pilot Program11/13/2017
S257-SMRW-113(sl)-v-4Sec. 6.7: Use of State Funds for Employment of Outside Counsel/General Assembly Right to Intervene10/26/2017
S257-SMRW-114(sl)-v-3Sec. 6.8: Pending Litigation10/26/2017
S257-SMBE-75(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.1(b): Restriction on Transfers from Funds for Children with Disabilities10/31/2017
S257-SMBE-76(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.2(b): Restriction on Transfers from Funds for Academically Gifted Children11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-77(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.12: Restriction on Transfers from Allotments for Limited English Proficient Students11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-78(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.13: Restrictions on Transfers from Allotments for Textbooks and Digital Resources11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-62(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.15: Class Size Flexibility for Current Pilot Programs and Dual Language Immersion Classes11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-83(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.16: Improve Education Financial and Information Transparency11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-79(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.18(a): State Board of Education/Use of State Funds11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-64(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.19: Teachers/Isolated Kindergarten Through Twelve Schools11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-84(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.20: Turning Teacher Assistants into Teachers Pilot Expansion/Student Teacher Employment11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-80(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.22: Cooperative Innovative High School Funding Changes11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-65(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.23: Preparing Future Workforce in Coding and Mobile Application Development Grant Program11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-85(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23A: Expand School Connectivity Initiative/Cybersecurity and Risk Management11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-81(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23B: Report on Cursive Writing and Multiplication Tables11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-66(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.23D: Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-86(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23E: Eliminate Analysis of Student Work Process for Teacher Evaluations11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-82(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23F: Sixth and Seventh Grade Career and Technical Education Program Expansion Grant Program11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-67(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.23G: Transfer Education and Workforce Innovation Commission to the Department of Public Instruction11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-87(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23H: Future Ready Students11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-83(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23I: Establish B-3 Interagency Council11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-68(sl)-v-6Sec. 7.23J: Allotment Transfer Report11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-88(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23K: Digital Learning Plan/Programs/Funds11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-84(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.23L: Audit the Department of Public Instruction11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-69(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.24: Extended Learning and Integrated Student Supports Competitive Grant Program11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-89(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.25: Life Changing Experiences School Pilot Program11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-103(sl)-v-6Sec. 7.26: School Performance Grades/Every Student Succeeds Act Compliance11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-70(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.26A: Clarify Student Consent to Receive College, University, and Scholarship Information11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-90(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.26B: Career and College Ready Literacy Skills/Reading Improvement Commission11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-85(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.26C: Nationally Norm-Referenced College Admissions Test11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-71(sl)-v-4Sec. 7.26E: North Carolina Innovative School District11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-91(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.27: Read to Achieve Diagnostic Changes11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-104(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.28: Reimburse Initial Teacher Licensure Fee for Certain North Carolina Teaching Graduates11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-72(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.28A: Testing Transparency11/13/2017
S257-SMTC-92(sl)-v-3Sec. 7.28D: Waive Fee for Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education Program Course11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-87(sl)-v-2Sec. 7.32: Financial Literacy Elective Course Pilot Program11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-93(sl)-v-4Sec. 8.8: School Boards Create Minimum Salary Schedule for Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-105(sl)-v-3Sec. 8.8B: Revise Teacher Bonus Programs11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-74(sl)-v-3Sec. 8.8C: Third Grade Read to Achieve Teacher Bonus Program for 2018-201911/13/2017
S257-SMTC-94(sl)-v-4Sec. 8.8D: Fourth and Fifth Grade Reading Teacher Bonus Program for 2017-201811/01/2017
S257-SMBE-88(sl)-v-3Sec. 8.8E: Fourth to Eighth Grade Math Teacher Bonus Program for 2017-201811/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-75(sl)-v-4Sec. 8.10: School Bus Driver Compensation and Employment Study11/16/2017
S257-SMTC-97(sl)-v-4Sec. 9.1: Reorganization of the Community Colleges System Office11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-106(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.3: Community College Workforce Study11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-82(sl)-v-4Sec. 9.5: Start-Up Funds for High-Cost Workforce Courses11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-98(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.7: Selection of Local Community College Presidents/Consultant Contracts10/31/2017
S257-SMBE-93(sl)-v-2Sec. 9.8: Clarify Youth Apprenticeship Program11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-83(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.9: Catawba Valley Community College/Manufacturing Center11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-99(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.10: High School Students/Non-Credit Courses Leading to Industry Credentials11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-94(sl)-v-2Sec. 9.11: Establish Board of Postsecondary Education Credentials11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-84(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.14: Invest in Short-Term Workforce Training11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-100(sl)-v-3Sec. 9.15: Restriction on a Culinary School or Program Located Off the Main Campus of Stanly Community College11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-96(sl)-v-2Sec. 10.1: Full-Time Staff for Board of Governors11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-86(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.6: Enhance The University of North Carolina Data Systems to Improve Institutional Performance and Student Success11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-101(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.9: Future Teachers of North Carolina11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-97(sl)-v-2Sec. 10.11: In-State Tuition for Veterans/Compliance with Federal Law11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-79(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.12: Senior Citizens May Audit Courses at The University of North Carolina and Community Colleges11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-105(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.13: Study/The University of North Carolina Equal Opportunity Compliance Officers11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-98(sl)-v-2Sec. 10.14: Board of Governors Studies/Establish School of Health Sciences and Health Care at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke and Establish Physician Assistant Program, Chiropractic Medicine Program, and a Pilot Program for Basic Law Enforcement Training at Winston-Salem State University11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-87(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.21: The University of North Carolina Cybersecurity11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-102(sl)-v-3Sec. 10.26: One-Year College Tuition Grants for Certain Graduates of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics who Attend a State University11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-99(sl)-v-2Sec. 10A.2: Eliminate School Site Scholarship Endorsement Requirement11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-80(sl)-v-2Sec. 10A.3: North Carolina Teaching Fellows11/01/2017
S257-SMTC-103(sl)-v-3Sec. 10A.4: Personal Education Savings Account Program11/01/2017
S257-SMBE-100(sl)-v-2Sec. 10A.5: Amend Transforming Principal Preparation11/01/2017
S257-SMRQ-81(sl)-v-3Sec. 10A.6: Study of Opportunity Scholarship Student Evaluations11/01/2017
S257-SMSH-86(sl)-v-5Sec. 11D.3: Recommendation to Appoint a Subcommittee on Aging11/16/2017
S257-SMSH-73(sl)-v-5Sec. 11A.1: DHHS Coordination of Health Information Technology11/01/2017
S257-SMSH-74(sl)-v-5Sec. 11A.4: Health Analytics Program11/01/2017
S257-SMSH-76(sl)-v-4Sec. 11A.5: Health Information Exchange11/01/2017
S257-SMSH-89(sl)-v-2Sec. 11A.5A:Development and Use of Funds for Alzheimer's Registry11/01/2017
S257-SMTY-101(sl)-v-2Sec. 11A.6: Controlled Substances Reporting System Improvements11/15/2017
S257-SMSH-75(sl)-v-2Sec. 11A.7: Data Analytics and Performance Enhancements11/13/2017
S257-SMTE-1(sl)-v-3Sec. 11A.8: Community Health Grant Program Changes11/01/2017
S257-SMTE-2(sl)-v-3Sec. 11A.9: Rural Health Loan Repayment Programs11/01/2017
S257-SMTR-20(sl)-v-2Sec. 11A.10: Reduction of Funds for Purchased Services11/01/2017
S257-SMTR-21(sl)-v-4Sec. 11A.11: Office of Program Evaluation Reporting and Accountability11/01/2017
S257-SMTR-22(sl)-v-3Sec. 11A.12: Contracting Specialist and Certification Program11/01/2017
S257-SMBC-100(sl)-v-2Sec. 11A.13: Graduate Medical Funding for Cape Fear Valley Medical Center11/01/2017
S257-SMTE-3(sl)-v-3Sec. 11A.14: Competitive Grants for Nonprofit Organizations11/01/2017
S257-SMSH-77(sl)-v-3Sec. 11B.1: Pre-K Programs/Standards for Four- and Five-Star Facilities11/02/2017
S257-SMSH-78(sl)-v-2Sec. 11B.2: State Agency Controlled Collaboration on Early Childhood Education/Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten11/02/2017
S257-SMSH-79(sl)-v-2Sec. 11B.6: Codify Certain Child Care Subsidy Provisions11/02/2017
S257-SMSH-80(sl)-v-3Sec. 11B.7: Child Care Subsidy Recipients to Cooperate with Child Support Services/Demonstration Project11/02/2017
S257-SMTE-4(sl)-v-3Sec. 11B.9: Smart Start Early Literacy Initiative - Dolly Parton's Imagination Library11/02/2017
S257-SMTE-5(sl)-v-4Sec. 11C.2: Intensive Family Preservation Services Funding and Performance Enhancements11/02/2017
S257-SMTV-49(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.4: Use of Foster Care Budget for Guardianship Assistance Program11/02/2017
S257-SMTE-6(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.6: Federal Child Support Payments11/02/2017
S257-SMTE-10(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.7: Child Welfare System Changes11/02/2017
S257-SMSH-81(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.8: Increase Access to Public Benefits for Older Dual Eligible Seniors11/03/2017
S257-SMTE-9(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.9: Successful Transition from Foster Care for Youth and Permanency Innovation Initiative Technical Change11/06/2017
S257-SMTR-23(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.10: Final Report/Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Assumption of Services11/03/2017
S257-SMSH-82(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.13: Temporary Financial Assistance for Facilities Licensed to Accept State-County Special Assistance11/03/2017
S257-SMTE-7(sl)-v-2Sec. 11C.14: Eckerd Kids and Caring for Children's Angel Watch Program - Report on the Use of Additional Funds11/03/2017
S257-SMSH-83(sl)-v-3Sec. 11D.1: State-County Special Assistance11/03/2017
S257-SMSH-84(sl)-v-2Sec. 11D.1A: Authorization for Secretary of DHHS to Raise the Maximum Number of State-County Special Assistance In-Home Payments11/13/2017
S257-SMSH-85(sl)-v-4Sec. 11D.2: Alignment of State and Federal Aging Plan Reporting Deadlines11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-101(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.1: Funds for School Nurses11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-102(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.2: Budget Deficit in State Laboratory of Public Health11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-103(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.3: Local Health Departments Competitive Grant Process11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-104(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.5: Evidence-Based Diabetes Program11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-105(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.6: Implementation of Federal Elevated Blood Level Standard11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-106(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.7: AIDS Drug Assistance Program11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-102(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.8: Implementation of Cost-Neutral Premium Assistance Program Within AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)11/15/2017
S257-SMBC-107(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.11: Eating Disorder Study11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-108(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.12: Every Week Counts Demonstration Project11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-109(sl)-v-2Sec. 11E.13: Funds for Pregnancy Care Initiatives11/06/2017
S257-SMSH-93(sl)-v-5Sec. 11E.14: Communicable Disease Testing11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-103(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.1: Funds for the North Carolina Child Treatment Progam11/15/2017
S257-SMTR-24(sl)-v-3Sec. 11F.2: Single-Stream Funding for MH/DD/SAS Community Services11/06/2017
S257-SMTR-25(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.3: Funds for Local Inpatient Psychiatric Beds or Bed Days11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-104(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.4: Use of Funds to Purchase Inpatient Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services11/15/2017
S257-SMTR-26(sl)-v-3Sec. 11F.5: Use of Dorothea Dix Hospital Property Funds for the Purchase of Additional Psychiatric and Facility-Based Crisis Beds11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-105(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.5A: Funds for Case Management Pilot Program11/15/2017
S257-SMTR-27(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.6: Additions to the Strategic Plan for Improvement of Behavioral Health Services11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-106(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.7: Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Central Assessment and Navigation System Pilot Program11/15/2017
S257-SMBC-110(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.9: Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Program11/17/2017
S257-SMTY-107(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.10: Expansion and Renaming of Prescription Drug Abuse Advisory Committee11/15/2017
S257-SMTY-108(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.11: Study Continuing Education for Health Care Providers Licensed to Prescribe Controlled Substances11/15/2017
S257-SMBC-111(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.12: Study on Statewide Expansion of the Wright School11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-109(sl)-v-3Sec. 11F.14A: Funds to Address North Carolina's Opioid Crisis11/15/2017
S257-SMTR-28(sl)-v-5Sec. 11F.16: Repeal of LME/MCO Clinical Integration Activities Report11/06/2017
S257-SMTY-110(sl)-v-2Sec. 11F.18: Study on Site-of-Use Solutions for Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs11/15/2017
S257-SMTR-29(sl)-v-5Sec. 11F.18A: Supplemental Short-Term Assistance for Group Homes11/06/2017
S257-SMBC-112(sl)-v-2Sec. 11G.1: Funds to Continue Community Paramedicine Pilot Program11/07/2017
S257-SMBC-113(sl)-v-2Sec. 11G.2: Facilities Included Under Single Hospital License11/07/2017
S257-SMSH-87(sl)-v-3Sec. 11G.3: Moratorium on Special Care Unit Licenses11/07/2017
S257-SMTR-30(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.1: Medicaid Eligibility11/07/2017
S257-SMTR-31(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.2: Medicaid Annual Report11/07/2017
S257-SMTR-32(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.3: Provider Application and Recredentialing Fee11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-33(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.6: Volume Purchase Plans and Single-Source Procurement11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-34(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.7: Annual Issuance of Medicaid Identification Cards11/07/2017
S257-SMTR-35(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.8: LME/MCO Out-of-Network Agreements11/07/2017
S257-SMTR-36(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.11: Expand North Carolina Innovations Waiver Slots11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-37(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.12: Increase Personal Care Services Rate11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-38(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.12A: Retroactive Personal Care Services Payment11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-39(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.13: Graduate Medical Education Medicaid Reimbursement11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-40(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.14: Plan to Implement Coverage for Home Visits for Pregnant Women and Families with Young Children11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-41(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.14A: Plan to Establish Medicaid Coverage for Ambulance Transports to Alternative Appropriate Care Locations11/08/2017
S257-SMTR-42(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.15: NC Tracks Enhancements to Prevent and Detect Fraud, Waste, and Abuse11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-43(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.17: Medicaid Transformation Clarifying Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-44(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.19: Prepayment Claims Review Modifications11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-45(sl)-v-3Sec. 11H.20: Medicaid Eligibility Monitoring11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-46(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.21: Medicaid Eligibility Determination Timeliness Reporting11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-47(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.22: Support Improvement in the Accuracy of Medicaid Eligibility Determinations11/09/2017
S257-SMTR-48(sl)-v-2Sec. 11H.23: Medicaid Subrogation Rights Conforming Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMSH-88(sl)-v-4Sec. 11H.25: Study Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly11/09/2017
S257-SMBC-114(sl)-v-2Sec. 11J.2: Joint Oversight Subcommittees on Medical Education and Residency Programs11/09/2017
S257-SMTC-104(sl)-v-2Sec. 11J.2: Joint Oversight Subcommittees on Medical Education Programs and Medical Residency Programs11/09/2017
S257-SMBC-115(sl)-v-2Sec. 11J.3: Authorization for Chiropractic Preceptorships11/09/2017
S257-SMTQ-9(sl)-v-3Sec. 12.1: Eliminate Pesticide Advisory Committee11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-4(sl)-v-9Sec. 12.2: Supplemental Funding for Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services11/16/2017
S257-SMTQ-6(sl)-v-4Sec. 12.4: Keep Linville Nursery Open11/09/2017
S257-SMTQ-8(sl)-v-3Sec. 12.5: Healthy Food/Small Retailer11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-5(sl)-v-9Sec. 12.6: Beehive Grant Fund11/16/2017
S257-SMTQ-7(sl)-v-4Sec. 12.9: Forest Service Disaster Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-6(sl)-v-5Sec. 13.1: I&M Air Pollution Control Account11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-95(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.2: Volkswagen Settlement Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-7(sl)-v-4Sec. 13.4: Pre-Regulatory Landfill Assumption of Risk11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-8(sl)-v-4Sec. 13.5: Study Solid Waste Disposal Tax11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-9(sl)-v-2Sec. 13.6: Study Erosion and Sediment Control/NPDES Stormwater Merger11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-10(sl)-v-2Sec. 13.7: Digital Data Study11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-11(sl)-v-2Sec. 13.8: Study Acquisition of Dedicated Dredging Capacity11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-12(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.12: Oyster Research Reporting11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-13(sl)-v-2Sec. 13.13: Continue Research Support for Shellfish Industry11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-14(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.19: Underground Storage Tank Program Rule Making and Report11/16/2017
S257-SMMH-15(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.22: Water and Sewer Infrastructure Grants11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-16(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.24: In Situ Nutrient Management Strategies11/16/2017
S257-SMMH-17(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.25: On-Site Water Protection Branch Well Inspection Program Transfer Study11/16/2017
S257-SMMH-18(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.26: Department of Environmental Quality Reorganization Through Reduction11/16/2017
S257-SMTY-86(sl)-v-3Sec. 13.27: Funding for Oyster Highway Project11/13/2017
S257-SMMH-1(sl)-v-4Sec. 13A.1: Mattamuskeet Lodge Repairs11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-2(sl)-v-4Sec. 13A.2: Wildlife Endowment Fund Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-3(sl)-v-4Sec. 13A.3: Modify License Fees Required to Hunt, Fish, or Trap11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-19(sl)-v-2Sec. 14.1: Various NER Agency Report Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-20(sl)-v-2Sec. 14.3: Clarifying Changes to Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMMH-21(sl)-v-1Sec. 14.8: Abolish Roanoke Island Commission11/09/2017
S257-SMBB-78(sl)-v-6Sec. 15.1 : NER Block Grants for 2018 and 2019 Program Years/Use of Deobligated Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-115(sl)-v-5Sec. 15.10: Prosperity Zone Reporting11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-116(sl)-v-2Sec. 15.12: Youth Workforce Investment Program Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMBE-95(sl)-v-2Sec. 15.13: ApprenticeshipNC/Transfer State Apprenticeship Program11/09/2017
S257-SMTM-69(sl)-v-3Sec. 15.14: Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund Eligibility Modification11/09/2017
S257-SMSV-87(sl)-v-6Sec. 15.15A: Transformative Project11/09/2017
S257-SMBH-31(sl)-v-4Sec. 15.17: Industrial Commission Service of Process11/09/2017
S257-SMBH-33(sl)-v-4Sec. 15.18: Industrial Commission Expense Carryforward11/09/2017
S257-SMBH-34(sl)-v-3Sec. 15.19: Industrial Commission Case Management Systems11/13/2017
S257-SMBH-35(sl)-v-3Sec. 15.19A: Transfer Industrial Commission to Department of Insurance11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-104(sl)-v-4Sec. 16.2: No Transfer of Positions to Other State Agencies11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-105(sl)-v-5Sec. 16.3: Lapsed Salary Report11/09/2017
S257-SMTG-105(sl)-v-5Sec. 16.3A: Pilot Project to Treat Opiate Overdose11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-118(sl)-v-2Sec. 16.5: Grant Reporting and Matching Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-119(sl)-v-2Sec. 16.6: Expand Crime Victim's Services11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-59(sl)-v-2Sec. 16.7: Grants for Law Enforcement Cameras11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-68(sl)-v-2Sec. 16B.1: State Capitol Police/Creation of Receipt-supported Positions11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-69(sl)-v-2Sec. 16B.2: Use of Seized and Forfeited Property11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-60(sl)-v-1Sec. 16B.3: Protect Hospital Security Personnel11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-56(sl)-v-4Sec. 16B.4: Lieutenant Governor Executive Protection Detail11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-120(sl)-v-5Sec. 16B.5: Studies to Enhance Public Safety11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-121(sl)-v-2Sec. 16B.6: 9/11 As First Responders Day11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-61(sl)-v-1Sec. 16B.7: SHP Eligible for PSAP Grant/911 Projects11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-62(sl)-v-1Sec. 16B.8: Use of State Highway Patrol Logo Permitted11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-63(sl)-v-1Sec. 16B.9: State Highway Patrol Security Detail for Speaker/President Pro Tempore for State Business11/09/2017
S257-SMBD-67(sl)-v-4Sec. 16B.10: Expand SBI Jurisdiction and Establish State Capitol Police11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-64(sl)-v-2Sec. 16B.11: Modify ALE Jurisdiction11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-70(sl)-v-2Sec. 16C.1: Use of Closed Facilities11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-92(sl)-v-3Sec. 16C.2: Reimburse Counties for Housing and Extraordinary Medical Expenses11/16/2017
S257-SMTV-50(sl)-v-3Sec. 16D.4: Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-117(sl)-v-2Sec. 16E.2: Search and Rescue Changes11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-65(sl)-v-1Sec. 17.1: No Hiring of Sworn Staff Positions for NC State Crime Lab11/09/2017
S257-SMBB-79(sl)-v-5Sec. 17.2: Company Police Authority11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-54(sl)-v-4Sec. 17.3: PED to Study Allocation of Attorneys Between the Attorney General's Office and Departments.11/09/2017
S257-SMTG-107(sl)-v-4Sec. 17.4: Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-55(sl)-v-4Sec. 17.5: Attorney General's Office Management Flexibility Reduction.11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-122(sl)-v-4Sec. 17.7: Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-93(sl)-v-2Sec. 18A.1: Indigent Defense Services Match for Grants.11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-100(sl)-v-2Sec. 18A.2: Public Defender Workload Formula11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-94(sl)-v-1Sec. 18A.3: Standards for Indigency11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-123(sl)-v-4Sec. 18B.1: Collection of Worthless Checks11/09/2017
S257-SMTT-124(sl)-v-5Sec. 18B.2: Grant Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMTG-111(sl)-v-3Sec. 18B.3: Third-Party Access to Court Records Annual Report11/13/2017
S257-SMTG-108(sl)-v-6Sec. 18B.4: Business Court Reports11/13/2017
S257-SMSA-66(sl)-v-1Sec. 18B.5: Digital Forensics Included in Court Costs11/09/2017
S257-SMSA-67(sl)-v-1Sec. 18B.6: Fee Waiver11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-95(sl)-v-2Sec. 18B.8: Supreme Court Bicentennial Celebration11/09/2017
S257-SMST-35(sl)-v-2Sec. 18B.9: Allocation of Assistant District Attorneys11/09/2017
S257-SMTG-109(sl)-v-4Sec. 18B.10: Eliminate Access to Civil Justice Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMTG-110(sl)-v-6Sec. 18B.11: Modify Emergency Recall Judges11/13/2017
S257-SMTY-96(sl)-v-1Sec. 18B.12: Magistrate/Clerk Staffing Pilot Project11/09/2017
S257-SMBD-65(sl)-v-6Sec. 19.1: Military Affairs Commission/Military Presence Stabilization Fund11/09/2017
S257-SMBD-66(sl)-v-5Sec. 19.2: Scholarships for Children of War Veterans11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-118(sl)-v-2Sec. 21.1: Add Esophageal Cancer as Occupational Disease to Line of Duty Death Benefits for Firefighters11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-50(sl)-v-4Sec. 22.1: Insurance Regulatory Charge.11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-51(sl)-v-6Sec. 22.2: Department of Insurance End Support of Eight Office of State Construction Engineer Positions in Department of Administration.11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-52(sl)-v-4Sec. 22.3: Allow Adaptive Behavior Treatment Covered by a Health Benefit Plan to be Provided or Supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.11/09/2017
S257-SMTU-53(sl)-v-4Sec. 22.4: Allow the State Fire Marshal to Investigate Arson.11/09/2017
S257-SMBC-97(sl)-v-4Sec. 22.5 Study Health Insurance High Risk Pools11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-119(sl)-v-2Sec. 24.1: Program Evaluation Division Study/Measurability Assessment of Department of Administration Administrative Activities and Programs11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-120(sl)-v-3Sec. 24.3: Study Rates and Transfers/Public Enterprises11/09/2017
S257-SMTY-97(sl)-v-2Sec. 24.4: Establish the Joint Select Committee on Judicial Funding11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-121(sl)-v-2Sec. 26.3: Results First Project11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-122(sl)-v-2Sec. 28.1: Housing Finance Agency/Workforce Housing Loan Program Established11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-123(sl)-v-2Sec. 31.1: Transfer the Human Relations Commission11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-124(sl)-v-3Sec. 31.2: Council for Women/Domestic Violence Grants11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-125(sl)-v-5Sec. 31.3: Department of Administration/Cost to Agencies to Maintain and Operate Motor Fleet11/09/2017
S257-SMTC-106(sl)-v-4Sec. 31.4: Department of Administration Allocate or Lease Office Space for Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-126(sl)-v-4Sec. 32.1: Criminal Records Checks for the Department of Revenue11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-127(sl)-v-3Sec. 32.2: Department of Revenue Tax Fraud Analytics11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-133(sl)-v-2Sec. 33.1: Overpayments Audit11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-96(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.1: Cash Flow Highway Fund and Highway Trust Fund Appropriations11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-97(sl)-v-4Sec. 34.2: Contingency Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-98(sl)-v-4Sec. 34.3: Repairs and Renovations11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-99(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.4: Department of Transportation/Funding for Analytics Services11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-100(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.4A: Department of Transportation/Consultation on Transportation Projects with Affected Utility Providers11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-101(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.5: Department of Transportation Acquisitions/Appraisals Waiver Valuation11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-102(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.6: Establishment of Advance Right-of-Way Acquisition Account11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-103(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.6A: Road Improvements Adjacent to Schools11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-104(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.7: Use of Funds in Mobility/Modernization Fund11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-105(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.7A: Department of Transportation/Disposition of Settlement Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-106(sl)-v-4Sec. 34.8: Rural Project Development11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-107(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.9: Expand Use of Pavement Preservation Program Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-108(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.10: Codify Bridge Program11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-109(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.11: Highway Maintenance Improvement Program/Revise Periods and Consolidate with Other Improvement Programs11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-110(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.12: Revise Content of Transportation Improvement Program Schedule11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-111(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.12C: Department of Transportation/Funding for Preliminary Engineering11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-112(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.13: Department of Transportation/Outsourcing and Project Delivery Reports11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-67(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.14: Board of Transportation/Study Fee Structure for Services Performed by the Highway Division11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-71(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.15: Align Department of Transportation's Program for Participation by Disadvantaged Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses with Federal Law11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-72(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.16: "DOT Report" Program Revisions11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-73(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.16A: Department of Transportation/Close State Infrastructure Bank11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-76(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.17: State Aid to Municipalities/No Funds if Municipality Fails to File Statement and Study How to Account for Seasonal Population Shifts11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-74(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.17A: Department of Transportation /Defend, Indemnify, and Hold Harmless the City of Wilmington from Liability for Map Act Claims11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-75(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.18: Extend Moratorium on Adoption of New Maps under the Map Act11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-77(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.18A: Department of Transportation/Increase Consolidation and Coordination of Public Transportation Systems11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-78(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.19: Funding for Airport Improvements and Debt Service11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-79(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.20: Require Use of Outside Vendor to Sell Sikorsky Helicopter11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-80(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.21: Revise Use of Taxes Collected on Aviation Gasoline and Jet Fuel11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-81(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.21B: Division of Aviation/Institute for Transportation Research and Education Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-82(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.22: Annual Report/Progress of Projects Identified in Plans Funded from Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Funds11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-83(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.23: Rail Division/Five-Year Spending Plan for Freight Rail & Rail Crossing Safety Improvement11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-84(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.24: Rail Division/Report Required Prior to Entering into Certain Contracts11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-85(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.26: Global TransPark/Strategic Plan and Marketing11/09/2017
S257-SMSU-86(sl)-v-2Sec. 34.27: North Carolina State Ports Authority/Funds for Debt Service and Capital Projects11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-86(sl)-v-7Sec. 34.28: State Ports Authority/Funding For Dredging11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-87(sl)-v-9Sec. 34.28A: Dredging Services Cost-Benefit Analysis11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-88(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.28B: Ferry Vessel Priority Boarding/Clarification11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-89(sl)-v-8Sec. 34.28C: Ferry Division/Life-Cycle Plan for Terminal Structure Repairs and Replacements11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-90(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.29: Study/Use of Dredge Manteo11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-91(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.30: Department of Transportation Performance Dashboard/Track Division of Motor Vehicles Progress11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-92(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.31: Division of Motor Vehicles/Purchase Credit Card Payment Processing Devices11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-93(sl)-v-9Sec. 34.32: Division of Motor Vehicles/Hearing Fee Implementation Revisions11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-94(sl)-v-8Sec. 34.33: Division of Motor Vehicles/Study Streamlining International Fuel Tax Agreement and International Registration Plan Processes11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-95(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.34: Pilot Project/Funding for Rest Area in Richmond County11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-96(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.35: Asset Management Long Range Facility Planning/Division of Motor Vehicle New Bern Avenue Property Relocation11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-97(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.36: Study/Eliminate Use of Nurses in Medical Review Program11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-98(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.37: Restore Mercury Switch Removal Funding11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-99(sl)-v-7Sec. 34.39: Department of Transportation/Traffic Impact Analysis Time Frame11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-100(sl)-v-6Sec. 34.40: Excavation or Demolition Notice Requirements/Clarify Exemption11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-101(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.41: Division of Motor Vehicles/Sale of Unclaimed Vehicles Process Improvement11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-102(sl)-v-3Sec. 34.42: Sale of Linwood Springs Golf Course/Right of First Refusal for City of Gastonia11/09/2017
S257-SMBG-103(sl)-v-5Sec. 34.43: State Park Roads/Increase Allowable Maintenance Costs11/09/2017
S257-SMRN-68(sl)-v-7Sec. 35.18: State Human Resources/Hire From Pool of Most Qualified Persons11/09/2017
S257-SMTV-51(sl)-v-2Sec. 35.19A: Provide Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Retirees of the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System, the Consolidated Judicial Retirement System, and the Legislative Retirement System11/09/2017
S257-SMTV-52(sl)-v-3Sec. 35.19B: Enhance the Benefits of Probation/Parole Officers who are Members of the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System11/09/2017
S257-SMTV-53(sl)-v-3Sec. 35.21: Study State Employee Total Compensation/Reduce Long-Term Unfunded Health Care Liabilities11/09/2017
S257-SMRW-128(sl)-v-3Sec. 35.22: State Treasurer Authority over State Health Plan Employees11/09/2017
S257-SMRQ-88(sl)-v-3Sec. 35.24: The University of North Carolina Board of Governors to Monitor Creation of New Positions and Certain Increases/Consultation Requirement11/13/2017
S257-SMRW-129(sl)-v-2Sec. 36.12: Pay-As-You-Go Capital and Infrastructure Fund Established July 1, 201911/13/2017
S257-SMBA-92(sl)-v-7Sec. 37.2: Government Budgets Transparency/Accountability/Reporting11/13/2017
S257-SMRN-67(sl)-v-3Sec. 37.3 Data Center Consolidation11/13/2017
S257-SMRB-94(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.4: Department of Information Technology Transfers/Completion by July 1, 201811/13/2017
S257-SMBK-117(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.5: Information Technology Internal Service Fund/Rates11/13/2017
S257-SMBD-68(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.6: Enterprise Resource Planning11/13/2017
S257-SMBE-73(sl)-v-3Sec. 37.7: Community College System Enterprise Resource Plan Design and Implementation Revisions11/13/2017
S257-SMRW-132(sl)-v-2Sec. 37.8: Establish Rotational Development Program for State Information Technology11/13/2017
S257-SMBC-93(sl)-v-5Sec. 37.9: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment11/13/2017
S257-SMBC-94(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.10: Encrypted Device Study11/13/2017
S257-SMBC-95(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.11: Network Segmentation and Automation11/13/2017
S257-SMBC-96(sl)-v-4Sec. 37.12: Wireless Broadband Network for Public Safety Competitive Grant Program11/13/2017
S257-SMSV-84(sl)-v-3Part 38: Finance Provisions11/13/2017
Note: Bill summaries and analysis are prepared by the nonpartisan legislative staff for the use of legislators in their deliberations and do not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.