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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 48A: Minors.

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Article 1 - Age of Majority. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-1 48A-1. Common-law definition of "minor" abrogated.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-2 48A-2. Age of minors.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-3 48A-3. Statute of limitations; applicability.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-4 48A-4. Certain minors competent to contract.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-5 through 48A-10 48A-5 through 48A-10. Reserved for future codification purposes.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 2 - Certain Contracts of Minors. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-11 48A-11. Applicability.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-12 48A-12. No disaffirmance if approved by superior court.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-13 48A-13. Copies of certain documents to be provided.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-14 48A-14. Financial safeguards in court orders approving contracts.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-15 48A-15. Financial safeguards when no court order.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-16 48A-16. Trust to be established.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-17 48A-17. Talent agency contracts.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 48A-18 48A-18. Disaffirmance of talent agency contracts.[HTML] [RTF]