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<< S1486 Senate Bill 1487 / S.L. 1995-588 (= H1452) S1488 >>
1995-1996 Session
Bill TextFiscal Note
Edition 1 [HTML]
Edition 2 [HTML]
SL 1995-588 [HTML]
Last Action: RATIFIED CH.0588 on 06/20/1996
Sponsors: Forrester; (Primary)
Albertson; Allran; Ballentine; Blackmon; Blust; Carpenter; Carrington; Clark; Cochrane; Conder; Davis; East; Edwards; Hartsell; Horton; Hoyle; Kerr; Kincaid; Ledbetter; McDaniel; McKoy; Page; Plexico; Plyler; Shaw; Simpson; Smith; Speed; Webster;
Attributes: Public; Text has changed;
Counties: No counties specifically cited
51 (Chapter); 051 -0001.02 (Section)

History Senate Bill Action History
Date Chamber Action Documents  
06/11/1996 Senate REF TO COM ON JUDIC I  
06/18/1996 Senate REPTD FAV AS AMENDED  
06/18/1996 Senate AMEND ADOPTED #1  
06/18/1996 Senate PASSED 2ND & 3RD READING  
06/18/1996 House REC FROM SENATE  
06/18/1996 House REF TO COM ON WEL&HUM  
06/18/1996 House REPTD FAV  
06/18/1996 House CAL PURSUANT RULE 36(A)  
06/18/1996 House PLACED ON CAL FOR 06-19  
06/19/1996 House PASSED 2ND & 3RD READING  
06/20/1996 Senate RATIFIED CH.0588  

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