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<< H1142 House Bill 1143 / S.L. 1993-301 H1144 >>
1993-1994 Session
Bill TextFiscal Note
Edition 1 [HTML]
SL 1993-301 [HTML]
Last Action: RATIFIED CH.0301 on 07/07/1993
Sponsors: Alexander; (Primary)
Barnes; Bowie; Colton; Cummings; Easterling; Gottovi; Holt; Howard; Jarrell; Jenkins; Kennedy; Kuczmarski; McAllister; Russell; Stamey;
Attributes: Public;
Counties: No counties specifically cited
14 (Chapter); 014 -0190.09, 014 -0190.13 (Sections)

History House Bill Action History
Date Chamber Action Documents  
04/19/1993 House REF TO COM ON CTS&JUST  
05/05/1993 House REPTD FAV  
05/06/1993 House PASSED 2ND & 3RD READING  
05/10/1993 Senate REC FROM HOUSE  
05/10/1993 Senate REF TO COM ON JUDIC 1  
07/01/1993 Senate REPTD FAV  
07/01/1993 Senate PLACED ON CAL FOR 07-06  
07/06/1993 Senate PASSED 2ND & 3RD READING  
07/07/1993 House RATIFIED CH.0301  

Note: a bill listed on this website is not law until passed by the House and the Senate, ratified, and, if required, signed by the Governor.

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