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HOUSE RESOLUTION DRHR60479-RFz-33  (05/12)








Representatives Faison and Bryant (Primary Sponsors).

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A HOUSE RESOLUTION in support of the convening of the e-nc authority's digital broadband summits.

Whereas, the e-NC Authority is a State authority, established by the N.C. General Assembly in 2000, and the e-NC Authority has worked to bring high-speed Internet access to the rural areas of North Carolina as well as the distressed urban areas of the State; and

Whereas, on average, 83% of North Carolina households have the ability to access and purchase high-speed Internet services if they so desire; and

Whereas, almost 17% of households in North Carolina have no access to high-speed Internet; and

Whereas, a higher level of bandwidth and faster speeds of transmission will be needed in the future; and

Whereas, in fall 2008, the citizens of the State will have an opportunity through eight statewide Digital Broadband Summits to bring forth their ideas and desires for a new vision of digital broadband inclusion for North Carolina citizens and businesses; and

Whereas, the findings from the eight summits may include digital inclusion metrics relative to broadband deployment, digital literacy of citizens, digital uptake rates, ways to provide the incentives for deployment of broadband, and new ideas for assisting in subscription up-take for citizens; and

Whereas, the e-NC Authority will report back and provide recommendations to the House Select Committee on High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas and the General Assembly on the findings from the regional sessions to be held across North Carolina; Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

SECTION 1.   The House of Representatives supports the efforts of the e-NC Authority to hold at least eight Digital Broadband Summits across North Carolina in the fall of 2008.  The House of Representatives looks forward to the receipt of the findings and recommendations of the e-NC Authority resulting from these summits.  The House Select Committee on High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas shall give consideration to these findings and to a proposed broadband Internet plan for the citizens and businesses of North Carolina in order to take full advantage of this 21st century economic development and knowledge tool.

SECTION 2.  The members of the N.C. House of Representatives are encouraged to participate in the Digital Broadband Summits that will take place in their area.

SECTION 3.  This resolution is effective upon adoption.