84-21. Organization of Council; publication of rules, regulations and bylaws.

(a) The Council shall adopt the rules pursuant to G.S. 45A-9.

(b) The rules and regulations adopted by the Council under this Article may be amended by the Council from time to time in any manner not inconsistent with this Article. Copies of all rules and regulations and of all amendments adopted by the Council shall be certified to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, entered by the North Carolina Supreme Court upon its minutes, and published in the next ensuing number of the North Carolina Reports and in the North Carolina Administrative Code: Provided, that the court may decline to have so entered upon its minutes any rules, regulations and amendments which in the opinion of the Chief Justice are inconsistent with this Article. (1933, c. 210, s. 7; 1991, c. 418, s. 7; 1995, c. 431, s. 14; 2011-336, s. 8.)