64-31. Consequences of first violation of G.S. 64-26.

(a) Affidavit Must Be Filed. - For a first violation of G.S. 64-26, the Commissioner shall order the employer to file a signed sworn affidavit with the Commissioner within three business days after the order issued pursuant to this subsection is issued. The affidavit shall state with specificity that the employer has, after consultation with the employee, requested a verification of work authorization through E-Verify.

(b) Effect of Failure to File Affidavit. - If an employer fails to timely file an affidavit required by subsection (a) of this section or by G.S. 64-32 or G.S. 64-33, the Commissioner shall order the employer to pay a civil penalty of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). (2011-263, s. 3; 2015-294, s. 7.)