58-69-2. Definitions.

As used in this Article:

(1) "Branch or district office" means any physical location, other than a motor club's home office, that is used by the motor club or its representatives as a principal place of business for conducting any type of business authorized under this Article and as a place of business that is used by clients or prospective clients in meeting or dealing with the motor club or its representatives in the normal course of business authorized under this Article.

(2) "Licensee" means a motor club to which a license has been issued under this Article.

(3) "Motor club" means any person, whether or not residing, domiciled, or chartered in this State, that, in consideration of dues, assessments, or periodic payments of money, promises its members to assist them in matters relating to the ownership, operation, use, or maintenance of motor vehicles by rendering three or more of the following services:

a. Automobile theft reward service. - A reward payable to any person, law enforcement agency, or officer for information leading to the recovery of a member's stolen vehicle and to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons unlawfully taking the vehicle.

b. Bail or cash appearance bond service. - The furnishing of cash or a surety bond for a member accused of a violation of the motor vehicle law, or of any law of this State by reason of an automobile accident to secure the member's release and subsequent appearance in court.

c. Emergency road service. - Roadside adjustment of a motor vehicle so that the vehicle may be operated under its own power.

d. Legal service. - Providing for reimbursement to a member for attorneys' fees if criminal proceedings are instituted against the member as a result of the operation of a motor vehicle.

e. Map service. - The furnishing of road maps to members without cost.

f. Personal travel and accident insurance service. - Making available to members a personal travel and accident insurance policy issued by a duly licensed insurance company in this State.

g. Touring service. - The furnishing of touring information to members without cost.

h. Towing service. - Furnishing means to move a motor vehicle from one place to another under power other than its own. (1963, c. 698; 1983, c. 542; 1985, c. 666, s. 81; 1991, c. 401, s. 1; 1999-132, s. 12.2; 2000-122, s. 7.)