53-409. Issuance of preferred shares by jeopardized trust company.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Article or any other laws, and notwithstanding any of the provisions of its articles of incorporation or bylaws, any jeopardized State trust company may, with the approval of the Commissioner, and by vote of shareholders owning a majority of the shares of such State trust company, upon not less than two days' notice given by registered mail pursuant to action taken at a meeting of its board of directors (which may be held upon not less than one day's notice) issue shares of preferred stock in such amount, with such voting rights, with such preferences, at such dividend rate, and with such other rights and limitations as shall be approved by the Commissioner. A copy of the minutes of such directors' and shareholders' meetings, certified by the proper officer and under the corporate seal of the State trust company, and accompanied by the written approval of the Commissioner, shall be immediately filed in the office of the Secretary of State, and when so filed, shall be deemed and treated as an amendment to the articles of incorporation of such State trust company. For purposes of this section, a State trust company shall be considered jeopardized when it is critical that the State trust company obtain additional equity capital to avoid, or to cease to be in, a hazardous condition, and other means of raising additional equity capital do not appear to be feasible. No issue of preferred shares shall be valid until the amount of all shares so issued shall have been paid for in full in cash, except as may otherwise be specifically approved by the Commissioner. The provisions of this section do not limit the authority of a State trust company to issue shares as provided under other applicable law. (2001-263, s. 1.)