Subpart C. Conservatorship.

53-401. Provisions for conservator; duties and powers.

Whenever the Commissioner deems it necessary in order to conserve the assets of a State trust company for the benefit of clients or creditors, the Commissioner may appoint a conservator for the State trust company and require of the conservator a bond with any surety the Commissioner deems necessary and proper in an amount deemed sufficient by the Commissioner. The conservator, under the direction of the Commissioner, shall take possession of the fiduciary records and other books, records, and assets of every description of the State trust company placed under conservatorship and take actions necessary to conserve those assets pending further disposition of its business as provided by law. Except as provided in G.S. 53-405, the conservator shall have all rights, powers, and privileges, subject to the approval of the Commissioner, now possessed by or given to the Commissioner under the provisions of Subpart B and Subpart D of this Part. All expenses of the conservator shall be paid out of the assets of the State trust company under conservatorship and shall be a lien thereon which shall be prior to any other lien provided by law. The compensation of the conservator shall be determined by the Commissioner and shall be based on the time and experience of the conservator and the complexity of the conservatorship. Compensation of the conservator shall not be subject to the requirements of Article 3 of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes. However, the Commissioner shall: (i) submit all proposed agreements or contracts for supplies, materials, printing, equipment, and contractual services that exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000) authorized by this section to the Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee for review as provided in G.S. 114-8.3; and (ii) include in all agreements or contracts to be awarded by the Commissioner under this section a standard clause which provides that the State Auditor and internal auditors of the Commissioner may audit the records of the conservator during and after the term of the agreement or contract to verify accounts and data affecting fees and performance. The Commissioner shall not award a cost plus percentage of cost agreement or contract for any purpose. (2001-263, s. 1; 2010-194, s. 5; 2011-326, s. 15(e).)