53-392. Unclaimed dividends held in trust.

Unclaimed dividends for claims described in subdivisions (a)(1) through (a)(4) of G.S. 53-389 shall be held by the Commissioner in trust for the claimants to whom the dividends are owed; and the dividends so held by the Commissioner shall be paid over to the persons entitled to the dividends when they furnish satisfactory evidence of their right to the dividends. In case of doubtful or conflicting claims, the Commissioner may apply to the superior court, by motion in the pending action, for an order from the resident or presiding judge of the superior court directing the payment of the dividends so claimed. Issues of fact raised by motion may, upon request of any claimant, be determined as in other civil actions. Interest earned on any unclaimed dividends so held shall be applied toward defraying the expenses incurred in the distribution of the unclaimed dividends. The balance of interest, if any, shall be deposited and held as other funds to the credit of the Commissioner. After the Commissioner has held any unclaimed dividends in trust under the provisions of this statute for the creditors of the liquidated State trust company for a period of three years following the resumption of business by or cancellation of the charter of the State trust company, the unclaimed dividends shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 116B of the General Statutes. Upon payment of unclaimed dividends to the State Treasurer, the Commissioner shall be fully discharged from all further liability therefor. (2001-263, s. 1.)