53-382. Remedy for seizure; answer to notice; injunction; appeal; and motions.

(a) Whenever any State trust company of which the Commissioner has taken possession under G.S. 53-377 shall deem itself aggrieved thereby, it may file an answer to the notice as in other civil actions and may also, upon notice to the Commissioner, apply to the resident or presiding judge of the superior court for an injunction to enjoin further proceedings by the Commissioner. The judge of the superior court may cite the Commissioner to show cause why further proceedings should not be enjoined and, after hearing the allegations and proof of the parties with respect to the condition of the State trust company, may dismiss an application for injunction or may enjoin further proceedings under the provisions of this section by the Commissioner. If the judge enjoins further action of the Commissioner and permits the reopening of the State trust company, the judge may require of the State trust company a surety bond as the judge deems necessary, payable to the Commissioner for the sole benefit of the creditors and clients of the State trust company and upon any terms the judge deems proper. Either party has the right to appeal a decision as in other civil actions.

(b) The State trust company or any person interested may be heard by motion as to actions taken or proposed to be taken by the Commissioner, but the judge hearing the motion shall enter an order as in the judge's discretion will best serve the parties interested. (2001-263, s. 1.)