53-374. Authority to liquidate; publication.

If the Commissioner approves the liquidation, the Commissioner shall issue to the State trust company, under the Commissioner's seal, a permit for liquidation. No permit shall be issued by the Commissioner until the Commissioner is satisfied that provision has been made by the State trust company to satisfy and pay off all creditors and to transfer all client accounts and fiduciary records to successor fiduciaries in the manner provided by G.S. 53-383(c). If not so satisfied, the Commissioner shall refuse to issue a permit, and shall be authorized to take possession of the State trust company and its assets and business and to hold and liquidate the State trust company in the manner provided in this Part. When the Commissioner approves the voluntary liquidation of a State trust company, the directors of the State trust company shall notify clients of the State trust company in the manner prescribed by the Commissioner and shall cause to be published in a newspaper in the county in which the principal office of the trust company is located, or if no newspaper is published in that county, then in a newspaper having a general circulation in that county, a notice that the State trust company is closing down its affairs and going into liquidation and that creditors of the State trust company shall present their claims for payment. The notice shall be published once a week for four consecutive weeks. (2001-263, s. 1.)