53-260. Interest.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, the parties to a reverse mortgage loan may contract for the payment of interest at a rate agreed to by the parties. Interest shall be deferred until the earliest occurrence of one or more events specified in the reverse mortgage loan contract. Payment of interest on deferred interest shall be as agreed upon by the parties to the contract. The parties may agree that the deferred interest may be added to the outstanding balance of the loan. The Commissioner may determine that the total annual percentage rate is excessive. If the Commissioner determines the total annual percentage rate to be excessive, that determination shall be included in the information provided to counselors under G.S. 53-264(a)(7), and to applicants for reverse mortgage loans under G.S. 53-264(b). (1991, c. 546, s. 1; 1995, c. 115, s. 1.)