53-232.11. Financial certification; restrictions on investments, loans, and acceptances.

(a) Before opening an office in this State, and annually thereafter so long as a bank office is maintained in this State, an international banking corporation licensed under this Article shall certify to the Commissioner the amount of its paid-in capital, its surplus, and its undivided profits, each expressed in the currency of the country of its incorporation. The dollar equivalent of this amount, as determined by the Commissioner, is considered to be the amount of its capital, surplus, and undivided profits.

(b) Purchases and discounts of bills of exchange, bonds, debentures, and other obligations and extensions of credit and acceptances by an international bank agency within this State are subject to the same limitations as to amount in relation to capital, surplus, and undivided profits as are applicable to banks organized under the laws of this State. With the prior approval of the Commissioner, the capital notes and capital debentures of the international banking corporation may be treated as capital in computing the limitations. (1991, c. 679, s. 1.)