53-224.11. Interstate branching by North Carolina State banks.

(a) With the prior approval of the Commissioner, any North Carolina State bank may establish and maintain a de novo branch or acquire a branch in a state other than North Carolina.

(b) A North Carolina State bank desiring to establish and maintain a branch in another state under this section shall file an application on a form prescribed by the Commissioner. If the Commissioner finds that the applicant has the financial resources sufficient to undertake the proposed expansion without adversely affecting its safety or soundness and that the establishment of the proposed branch is in the public interest, the Commissioner may approve the application. In acting on the application, the Commissioner shall consider the views of the appropriate bank supervisory agencies. The applicant bank may establish the branch when it has received the written approval of the Commissioner. (1995, c. 322, s. 2; 2012-56, s. 17.)