§ 53-191.  Businesses exempted.

Nothing in this Article shall be construed to apply to any person, firm or corporation doing business under the authority of any law of this State or of the United States relating to banks, trust companies, savings and loan associations, cooperative credit unions, agricultural credit corporations or associations organized under the laws of North Carolina, production credit associations organized under the act of Congress known as the Farm Credit Act of 1933, pawnbrokers lending or advancing money on specific articles of personal property, industrial banks, the business of negotiating loans on real estate as defined in G.S. 105-41, nor to installment paper dealers as defined in G.S. 105-83 other than persons, firms and corporations engaged in the  business of accepting fees for endorsing or otherwise securing loans or contracts for repayment of loans. (1955, c. 1279; 1957, c. 1429, s. 8; 1961, c. 1053, s. 1; 1969, c. 1303, s. 26.)