§ 53-169.  Application for license.

The application for license shall be made on a form prepared and furnished by the Commissioner of Banks and shall state:

(1)        The fact that the applicant desires to engage in business under this Article; and

(2)        Whether the applicant is an individual, partnership, association or corporation; and

(3)        The name and address of the person who will manage and be in  immediate control of the business; and

(4)        The name and address of the owners and their percentage of equity in the company, except when the Commissioner does not deem it feasible to furnish such information because of the number of stockholders involved; and

(5)        When the applicant proposes to commence doing business; and

(6)        Such other information as the Commissioner of Banks deems necessary.

The statements made in such application shall be sworn to by the  applicant or persons making application on the applicant's behalf. (1961, c. 1053, s. 1.)