53-163.2. Investments in securities by trust institutions.

Unless the governing instrument, court order, or a statute specifically directs otherwise, a trust institution serving as trustee, guardian, agent, or in any other fiduciary capacity may invest in any security authorized by this Chapter even if such fiduciary or an affiliate thereof participates or has participated as a member of a syndicate underwriting such security, if:

(1) The fiduciary does not purchase the security from itself or its affiliate; and

(2) The fiduciary does not purchase the security from another syndicate member or an affiliate, pursuant to an implied or express agreement between the fiduciary or its affiliate and a selling member or its affiliate, to purchase all or part of each other's underwriting commitments. (1985, c. 549, s.1; 2005-192, s. 1; 2007-106, s. 51; 2011-339, s. 7.)