Article 2.

Petition of Insolvent for Assignment for Creditors.

23-13. Petition; schedule; inventory; affidavit.

Every insolvent debtor may present a petition in the superior court, praying that his estate may be assigned for the benefit of all his creditors, and that his person may thereafter be exempt from arrest or imprisonment on account of any judgment previously rendered or of any debts previously contracted. On presenting such petition, every insolvent shall deliver therewith a schedule containing an account of his creditors and an inventory of his estate, which inventory shall contain -

(1) A full and true account of his creditors, with the place of residence of each, if known, and the sum owing to each creditor, whether on written security, on account, or otherwise.

(2) A full and true inventory of his estate, real and personal, with the encumbrances existing thereon, and all books, vouchers and securities relating thereto.

(3) A full and true inventory of all property, real and personal, claimed by him as exempt from sale under execution.

He shall annex to his petition and schedule the following affidavit, which must be taken and subscribed by him before the clerk of the superior court, and must be certified by such officer:

I, __________________, do swear (or affirm) that the account of my creditors, with the places of their residence, and the inventory of my estate, which are herewith delivered, are in all respects just and true; that I have not at any time or in any manner disposed of or made over any part of my estate for the future benefit of myself or my family, or in order to defraud any of my creditors; and that I have not paid, secured to be paid, or in any way compounded with any of my creditors, with a view that they, or any of them, should abstain or desist from opposing my discharge: so help me, God. (1868-9, c. 162, ss. 1, 2, 3; Code, ss. 2942, 2943, 2944; Rev., s. 1930; C.S., s. 1621.)