20-354.1. Scope and application.

This act shall apply to all motor vehicle repair shops in North Carolina, except:

(1) Any motor vehicle repair shop of a municipal, county, State, or federal government when carrying out the functions of the government.

(2) Any person who engages solely in the repair of any of the following:

a. Motor vehicles that are owned, maintained, and operated exclusively by that person for that person's own use.

b. For-hire vehicles which are rented for periods of 30 days or less.

(3) Any person who repairs only motor vehicles which are operated principally for agricultural or horticultural pursuits on farms, groves, or orchards and which are operated on the highways of this State only incidentally en route to or from the farms, groves, or orchards.

(4) Motor vehicle auctions or persons in the performance of motor vehicle repairs solely for motor vehicle auctions.

(5) Any motor vehicle repair shop in the performance of a motor vehicle repair if the cost of the repair does not exceed three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00).

(6) Any person or motor vehicle repair shop in the performance of repairs on commercial construction equipment or motor vehicles that have a GVWR of at least 26,001 pounds.

(7) When a third party has waived in writing the right to receive written estimates from the motor vehicle repair shop; the third party indicates to the motor vehicle repair shop that the repairs will be paid for by the third party under an insurance policy, service contract, mechanical breakdown contract, or manufacturer's warranty; and the third party further indicates that the customer's share of the cost of repairs, if any, will not exceed three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00). (1999-437, s. 1; 2001-298, s. 1.)