163-132.5G. Voting data maintained by precinct.

(a) Each county board of elections shall maintain voting data by voting precinct so that precinct returns for each item on the ballot shall include the votes cast by all residents of that voting precinct who voted, regardless of where the voter voted. The county board shall not be required to report returns by voting precinct for voters who voted other than at the voting precinct associated with that voter's voter registration until 30 days after the election. In reporting returns, the county board shall not compromise the secrecy of an individual's ballot.

(b) The 30-day deadline for reporting returns by voting precinct does not relieve the county board of the duty to report all returns as soon as practicable after the election according to other categories specified by the State Board of Elections.

(c) The State Board of Elections shall adopt rules for the enforcement of this section. (2001-466, s. 2; 2003-183, s. 1; 2005-323, s. 1(e); 2007-391, s. 6(c); 2008-187, s. 33(b); 2016-109, s. 9(a).)