14-415.27. Expanded permit scope for certain persons.

Notwithstanding G.S. 14-415.11(c), any of the following persons who has a concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Article or that is considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24 is not subject to the area prohibitions set out in G.S. 14-415.11(c) and may carry a concealed handgun in the areas listed in G.S. 14-415.11(c) unless otherwise prohibited by federal law:

(1) A district attorney.

(2) An assistant district attorney.

(3) An investigator employed by the office of a district attorney.

(4) A North Carolina district or superior court judge.

(5) A magistrate.

(6) A person who is elected and serving as a clerk of court.

(7) A person who is elected and serving as a register of deeds.

(8) A person employed by the Department of Public Safety who has been designated in writing by the Secretary of the Department and who has in the person's possession written proof of the designation.

(9) A North Carolina administrative law judge. (2011-268, s. 22(b); 2011-326, s. 21; 2013-369, s. 22; 2015-195, s. 1(c).)