14-359. Local: Tenant neglecting crop; landlord failing to make advances; harboring or employing delinquent tenant.

If any tenant or cropper shall procure advances from his landlord to enable him to make a crop on the land rented by him, and then willfully refuse to cultivate such crops or negligently or willfully abandon the same without good cause and before paying for such advances with intent to defraud the landlord; or if any landlord who induces another to become tenant or cropper by agreeing to furnish him advances to enable him to make a crop, shall willfully fail or refuse without good cause to furnish such advances according to his agreement with intent to defraud the tenant, or if any person shall entice, persuade or procure any tenant, lessee or cropper, who has made a contract agreeing to cultivate the land of another, to abandon or to refuse or fail to cultivate such land with intent to defraud the landlord, or after notice shall harbor or detain on his own premises, or on the premises of another, any such tenant, lessee or cropper, he shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor. Any person who employs a tenant or cropper who has violated the provisions of this section, with knowledge of such violation, shall be liable to the landlord furnishing such advances, for the amount thereof. This section shall apply only to the following counties: Alamance, Anson, Cabarrus, Caswell, Davidson, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Hertford, Hoke, Hyde, Lee, Lincoln, Moore, Person, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Rowan, Rutherford, Sampson, Stanly, Stokes, Union, Vance, Wake and Washington. (1905, c. 299, ss. 1-7; Rev., s. 3367; 1907, c. 84, s. 2; c. 238, s. 1; c. 543; c. 595, s. 2; c. 810; C.S., s. 4481; Ex. Sess. 1920, cc. 20, 26; 1923, c. 32; 1925, c. 285, s. 3; Pub. Loc. 1927, c. 614; 1929, c. 5, s. 1; 1931, c. 44; c. 136, s. 2; 1939, c. 95; 1945, c. 635; 1949, c. 83; 1951, c. 615; 1993, c. 539, s. 238; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)