14-288.23. Making a false report concerning a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction; punishment; restitution.

(a) Any person who, by any means of communication to any person or group of persons, makes a report, knowing or having reason to know the report is false, that causes any person to reasonably believe that there is located at any place or structure whatsoever any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction is guilty of a Class D felony.

(b) The court may order a person convicted under this section to pay restitution, including costs and consequential damages resulting from disruption of the normal activity that would have otherwise occurred but for the false report, pursuant to Article 81C of Chapter 15A of the General Statutes.

(c) For purposes of this section, the term "report" shall include making accessible to another person by computer. (2001-470, s. 1.)