130A-460. Report to Department of Labor.

(a) Each report to the Department pursuant to the Article shall be evaluated for its potential indication of an exposure to a health hazard. If an on-site visit is deemed necessary, a copy of the report for work sites for which the Department of Labor has jurisdiction for the enforcement of occupational health laws shall be forwarded to the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor and the Department may exchange information regarding specific workplaces and conditions and such information shall retain the same confidentiality provided by the originating agency.

(b) If the Department of Labor determines that an on-site visit is necessary for enforcement purposes, the Department of Labor shall inform the Department within 30 days of the receipt of the report, and a representative of the Department may participate in the visit. The Department shall not contact or otherwise notify any employer of a pending investigation prior to the determination by the Department of Labor regarding the necessity of an on-site visit and shall not give advance notice of a visit if one is necessary.

(c) Subsection (b) shall not apply to inspections conducted for the Industrial Commission pursuant to G.S. 97-76 and shall not affect the allocation of responsibilities set forth in G.S. 74-24.4(c). (1993, c. 486.)