§ 130A-453.27.  Certification and accreditation fee schedule.

(a)        The Department shall collect annual accreditation and certification fees authorized under this Article, including initial and renewal fees. The fees collected shall be used for the ongoing administration of this Article and shall not revert to the General Fund at the end of the fiscal year. The fees shall not exceed the following:

Maximum Fee

(1)        Accreditation of a training provider                                             $150.00

(2)        Reaccreditation of a training provider                                          $150.00

(3)        Accreditation or reaccreditation of initial courses

(Per course per language)                                                                 $2,000

(4)        Accreditation or reaccreditation of refresher courses

(Per course per language)                                                                 $2,000

(5)        Certification or recertification of a firm                                       $300.00

(6)        Certification or recertification of a dust sampling

technician                                                                                      $150.00

(b)        The accreditation fees imposed under this section do not apply to local or State governmental regulatory agency personnel, Indian tribes, or nonprofit training providers.  (2009-488, s. 1.)