130A-309.223. Recordation of projects using coal combustion products for structural fill.

(a) The owner of land where coal combustion products have been used in volumes of more than 1,000 cubic yards shall file a statement of the volume and locations of the coal combustion residuals with the Register of Deeds in the county or counties where the property is located. The statement shall identify the parcel of land according to the complete legal description on the recorded deed, either by metes and bounds or by reference to a recorded plat map. The statement shall be signed and acknowledged by the landowners in the form prescribed by G.S. 47-38 through G.S. 47-43.

(b) Recordation shall be required within 90 days after completion of a structural fill project using coal combustion residuals.

(c) The Register of Deeds, in accordance with G.S. 161-14, shall record the notarized statement and index it in the Grantor Index under the name of the owner of the land. The original notarized statement with the Register's seal and the date, book, and page number of recording shall be returned to the Department after recording.

(d) When property with more than 1,000 cubic yards of coal combustion products is sold, leased, conveyed, or transferred in any manner, the deed or other instrument of transfer shall contain in the description section in no smaller type than used in the body of the deed or instrument a statement that coal combustion products have been used as structural fill material on the property. (2014-122, s. 3(a).)