115C-296.13. Educator preparation program reporting.

(a) Annual Performance Reports. - The State Board of Education shall require all approved educator preparation programs, including master's degree programs in teacher preparation and master's degree programs in school administration, to submit annual performance reports. The performance reports shall provide the State Board of Education with a focused review of the programs and the current process of accrediting these programs in order to ensure that the programs produce graduates that are well prepared to teach.

(b) Required Elements. - The performance report for each educator preparation program in North Carolina shall follow a common format and include at least the following elements:

(1) Quality of students entering the educator preparation program, including the average grade point average and average score on preprofessional skills tests that assess reading, writing, mathematics, and other competencies.

(2) Graduation rates.

(3) Time-to-graduation rates.

(4) Average scores of graduates on professional and content area examination for the purpose of licensure.

(5) Percentage of graduates receiving initial licenses.

(6) Percentage of graduates hired as teachers.

(7) Percentage of graduates remaining in teaching for four years.

(8) Graduate satisfaction based on a common survey.

(9) Employer satisfaction based on a common survey.

(10) Effectiveness of teacher preparation program graduates.

(c) Submission of Annual Performance Reports. - Performance reports shall be provided annually to the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina, the State Board of Education, and the boards of trustees of nonpublic postsecondary colleges. The State Board of Education shall review the educator preparation program performance reports each year the performance reports are submitted.

(d) Educator Preparation Program Report Card. - The State Board shall create a higher education educator preparation program report card reflecting the information collected in the annual performance reports for each North Carolina institution offering educator preparation programs. The report cards shall, at a minimum, summarize information reported on all of the performance indicators for the performance reports required by subsection (b) of this section.

(e) Annual State Board of Education Report. - The educator preparation program report cards shall be submitted to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on an annual basis by December 15.

(f) State Board of Education Action Based on Performance. - Based upon the performance reports and other criteria established by the State Board, the State Board may reward an educator preparation program, impose probationary status and plans of improvement on an educator preparation program, or revoke approval of an educator preparation program. (2015-241, s. 8.41(a); 2015-268, s. 3.7.)