§ 105-151.24.  (Recodified effective for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2014 - see editor's note) Credit for children.

(a)        Credit. - An individual who is allowed a federal child tax credit under section 24 of the Code for the taxable year and whose adjusted gross income (AGI), as calculated under the Code, is less than the amount listed below is allowed a credit against the tax imposed by this Part in an amount equal to one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each dependent child for whom the individual is allowed the federal credit for the taxable year:

Filing Status                                                                                 AGI

Married, filing jointly                                                             $100,000

Head of Household                                                                   80,000

Single                                                                                         60,000

Married, filing separately                                                           50,000.

(b)        Limitations. - A nonresident or part-year resident who claims the credit allowed by this section shall reduce the amount of the credit by multiplying it by the fraction calculated under G.S. 105-134.5(b) or (c), as appropriate. The credit allowed under this section may not exceed the amount of tax imposed by this Part for the taxable year reduced by the sum of all credits allowed, except payments of tax made by or on behalf of the taxpayer.  (1995, c. 42, s. 3; 1998-98, s. 69; 2001-424, s. 34.20(a); 2002-126, s. 30B.2(a), (b); 2003-284, s. 39B.2; 2013-316, s. 1.1(a).)