Article 2.

Relation to Client.

§ 84-11.  Authority filed or produced if requested.

Every attorney who claims to enter an appearance for any person shall, upon being required so to do, produce and file in the clerk's office of the court in which he claims to enter an appearance, a power or authority to that effect signed by the persons or some one of them for whom he is about to enter an appearance, or by some person duly authorized in that behalf, otherwise he shall not be allowed so to do: Provided, that when any attorney claims to enter an appearance by virtue of a letter to him directed (whether such letter purport a general or particular employment), and it is necessary for him to retain the letter in his own possession, he shall, on the production of said letter setting forth such employment, be allowed to enter his  appearance, and the clerk shall make a note to that effect upon the docket. (R.C., c. 31, s. 57; Code, s. 29; Rev., s. 213; C.S., s. 200.)


§ 84-12.  Failure to file complaint, attorney liable for costs.

When a plaintiff is compelled to pay the costs of his suit in consequence of a failure on the part of his attorney to file his complaint in proper time, he may sue such attorney for all the costs by him so paid, and the receipt of the clerk may be given in evidence in support of such claim. (1786, c. 253, s. 6; R.C., c. 9, s. 5; Code, s. 22; Rev., s. 214; C.S., s. 201.)


§ 84-13.  Fraudulent practice, attorney liable in double damages.

If any attorney commits any fraudulent practice, he shall be liable in an action to the party injured, and on the verdict passing against him, judgment shall be given for the plaintiff to recover double damages. (1743, c. 37; R.C., c. 9, s. 6; Code, s. 23; Rev., s. 215; C. S., s. 202.)