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America's Legislators Back to School Program
From "kick off" the third week of every September and running throughout the school year, the America's Legislators Back to School Program gives elected officials in all 50 states the opportunity to meet personally with their young constituents and to answer questions, share ideas, listen to concerns and impart a greater understanding of the legislative processes. The program is also designed to build personal links between schools and legislators and provide legislators an opportunity to observe what is going on in schools.
Congratulations to Representatives William O. Richardson, Kenneth Waddell, and Shelly Willingham for spreading civic education into the classroom.

North Carolina's participation in the America's Legislators Back to School 2015-2016 year was kicked off by a challenge to recognize the member who visited the most schools in their district between September 14 - October 30. We had a three way tie as all three Representatives visited eight schools in their district during that period.

Thank you to Representatives Richardson, Waddell, and Willingham and to all NC legislators participating in the Back to School Program!

Representative William O. Richardson Representative Kenneth Waddell Representative Shelly Willingham