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Tips for Finding Bills
You can use any of the following options to search the current session as well as past sessions back to the 1985-86 Session.
  • Bill Reports
    Use this webpage to view standard bill status reports including Bills by Keywords (subjects), Last Action on All Bills, and Chaptered Bills.
  • Bill Look-Up
    Use this option when you know the bill number.
  • Full Text Search or Bills by Keyword
    Use these options when you do not know the bill number but know content. View a list of the current keywords.
  • Bill Inquiry
    Use this option to search using multiple criteria including by keyword. Ex. multiple criteria like bills by committee and/or bills by sponsor and/or bills by action date.
  • Simple Bill Inquiry
    Use this option to search using one criterion. Ex. single criterion like bills by sponsor.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Sign up to receive Ratification, Bill Presentment, and Chaptered sheets via e-mail
    • How a Law is Made
    • Information regarding format of Bills
    • Glossary of Bill Status Abbreviations
    • Glossary of Legislative Terms
    • Member Votes
    • Fiscal Notes
    Law Bodies