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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 7B: Juvenile Code.

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Article 1 - Purpose; Definitions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2 - Jurisdiction. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3 - Screening of Abuse and Neglect Complaints. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3A - Judicial Review; Responsible Individuals List. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4 - Venue; Petitions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5 - Temporary Custody; Nonsecure Custody; Custody Hearings. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6 - Basic Rights. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7 - Discovery. [RTF] [PDF] Article 8 - Hearing Procedures. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9 - Dispositions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10 - Modification and Enforcement of Dispositional Orders; Appeals. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11 - Termination of Parental Rights. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12 - Guardian ad Litem Program. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13 - Prevention of Abuse and Neglect. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14 - North Carolina Child Fatality Prevention System. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15 - Purposes; Definitions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 16 - Jurisdiction. [RTF] [PDF] Article 17 - Screening of Delinquency and Undisciplined Complaints. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18 - Venue; Petition; Summons. [RTF] [PDF] Article 19 - Temporary Custody; Secure and Nonsecure Custody; Custody Hearings. [RTF] [PDF] Article 20 - Basic Rights. [RTF] [PDF] Article 21 - Law Enforcement Procedures in Delinquency Proceedings. [RTF] [PDF] Article 22 - Probable Cause Hearing and Transfer Hearing. [RTF] [PDF] Article 23 - Discovery. [RTF] [PDF] Article 24 - Hearing Procedures. [RTF] [PDF] Article 25 - Dispositions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 26 - Modification and Enforcement of Dispositional Orders; Appeals. [RTF] [PDF] Article 27 - Authority over Parents of Juveniles Adjudicated Delinquent or Undisciplined. [RTF] [PDF] Article 28 - Interstate Compact on Juveniles. [RTF] [PDF] Article 29 - Records and Social Reports of Cases of Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency. [RTF] [PDF] Article 30 - Juvenile Records and Social Reports of Delinquency and Undisciplined Cases. [RTF] [PDF] Article 31 - Disclosure of Juvenile Information. [RTF] [PDF] Article 32 - Expunction of Juvenile Records. [RTF] [PDF] Article 33 - Computation of Recidivism Rates. [RTF] [PDF] Article 34 - Parental Authority over Juveniles. [RTF] [PDF] Article 35 - Emancipation. [RTF] [PDF] Article 36 - Judicial Consent for Emergency Surgical or Medical Treatment. [RTF] [PDF] Article 37 - Placing or Adoption of Juvenile Delinquents or Dependents. [RTF] [PDF] Article 38 - Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. [RTF] [PDF] Article 39 - Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance. [RTF] [PDF] Article 40 - Interstate Compact for Juveniles. [RTF] [PDF]