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Representative Pricey Harrison (Dem)
Introduced Bills, 2015-2016 Session

Total Bills: 11
Member is Primary Sponsor of bills in bold
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BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H5 Military Veterans Special Plate. H 01/29/2015 Ref to the Com on Transportation, if favorable, Finance
H9 Restore School Calendar Educ. Purpose Waiver. H 01/29/2015 Ref To Com On Education - K-12
H10 Correction Enterprises/Medicaid Sales. H 01/29/2015 Ref To Com On Health
H19 Waive Tuition/Fallen Officer Was Guardian. H 01/29/2015 Ref to the Com on Education - Universities, if favorable, Appropriations
H21 Restore Teaching Fellows Program. H 01/28/2015 Filed
H25 School Calendar Flex./Alamance-Burlington. H 01/28/2015 Filed
H26 Restore Educational Sales Tax Holiday. H 01/28/2015 Filed
H27 Reenact EITC. H 01/28/2015 Filed
H28 Root Out Poverty/Appropriate Funds. H 01/28/2015 Filed
H30 Name/Address of Lottery Winner Confidential. H 01/29/2015 Filed
H34 School Calendar Flexibility/Certain Counties. H 01/29/2015 Filed