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Representative Mike Hager (Rep)
Introduced Bills, 2015-2016 Session

Total Bills: 24
Member is Primary Sponsor of bills in bold
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BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H3  (= S74) Eminent Domain. S 02/11/2015 Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
H36  (= S25) Zoning/Design and Aesthetic Controls. H 02/04/2015 Ref To Com On Local Government
H66 Sales Tax Exemption for Datacenter Equipment. H 02/11/2015 Ref To Com On Finance
H95 Tribal Alcoholic Beverage Control. H 04/01/2015 Passed 3rd Reading
H107  (= S24) Liquor Sales - Permitted Distilleries. H 02/27/2015 Ref to the Com on Alcoholic Beverage Control, if favorable, Finance
H140 Lineman Appreciation Day in NC. H 04/01/2015 Passed 3rd Reading
H168  (= S321) Exempt Builders' Inventory. H 03/09/2015 Ref To Com On Finance
H169 Limit Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspections. H 03/18/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
H182  (= S208) Property Insurance Fairness. H 03/11/2015 Ref to the Com on Insurance, if favorable, Finance
H188 Trustee Appointments/Isothermal Comm. Coll. H 04/01/2015 Passed 3rd Reading
H265  (= S305) NCEMPA Asset Sale. H 03/25/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
H304  (= S320) Revisions to Outdoor Advertising Laws. H 03/19/2015 Ref to the Com on Commerce and Job Development, if favorable, Finance
H332  (= S628) Natural Gas Econ. Dev. Infrastructure. H 04/01/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
H349 Develop Broadband Connectivity Plan. H 03/26/2015 Ref To Com On Public Utilities
H351 Clarify Utility Rates. H 04/01/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
H356 NCUC Reg. Fee Changes. H 04/01/2015 Re-ref Com On Finance
H367 NC Consumer Fireworks Safety Act. H 03/30/2015 Ref to the Com on Regulatory Reform, if favorable, Finance
H476  (= S443) Drivers License Fee/Donate Life NC. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H492 Rutherford Cty/Rutherford Airport Authority. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H493 Lake Lure Deannexation/Referendum. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H494 Equalize Tax on Propane Used as a Motor Fuel. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H502 Create Chain of Survival Task Force. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H540 Billy Graham/National Statuary Hall. H 04/01/2015 Filed
H542 Modify Sunset Re: Contingent Audits. H 04/01/2015 Filed