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Bills Signed by the Governor by Bill Number

Total Bills: 11
BillShort TitleSignedLast Action
H5Unemployment Insurance Technical Changes.Signed by Gov. 4/27/2017Ch. SL 2017-8 on 04/27/2017
H7LRC/Strengthen Savings Reserve.Signed by Gov. 4/13/2017Ch. SL 2017-5 on 04/13/2017
H13Class Size Requirement Changes.Signed by Gov. 4/27/2017Ch. SL 2017-9 on 04/27/2017
H39Amend Appointments/UNC Bd of Governors.Signed by Gov. 3/3/2017Ch. SL 2017-1 on 03/03/2017
H119Clarify Vacancy Elections - County Commission.Signed by Gov. 3/16/2017Ch. SL 2017-2 on 03/16/2017
H142Reset of S.L. 2016-3.Signed by Gov. 3/30/2017Ch. SL 2017-4 on 03/30/2017
H637Clarify Regional Water and Sewer Funds.Signed by Gov. 5/23/2017Ch. SL 2017-17 on 05/23/2017
S24Allow Restaurants to Use Outdoor Grills.Signed by Gov. 5/24/2017Ch. SL 2017-18 on 05/24/2017
S131Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-2017.Signed by Gov. 5/4/2017Ch. SL 2017-10 on 05/04/2017
S156Plumbing & Heating Contractors Changes.Signed by Gov. 5/23/2017Ch. SL 2017-15 on 05/23/2017
S547Restitution Remission/Notice and Hearing Req.Signed by Gov. 5/23/2017Ch. SL 2017-16 on 05/23/2017