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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 8C: Evidence Code.

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Article -  [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1 8C-1. Rules of Evidence.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 1 - General Provisions. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-101Rule 101. Scope.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-102Rule 102. Purpose and construction.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-103Rule 103. Rulings on evidence.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-104Rule 104. Preliminary questions.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-105Rule 105. Limited admissibility.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-106Rule 106. Remainder of or related writings or recorded statements.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 2 - Judicial Notice. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-201Rule 201. Judicial notice of adjudicative facts.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 3 - Presumptions in Civil Actions and Proceedings. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-301Rule 301. Presumptions in general in civil actions and proceedings.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-302Rule 302. Applicability of federal law in civil actions and proceedings.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 4 - Relevancy and Its Limits. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-401Rule 401. Definition of "relevant evidence."[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-402Rule 402. Relevant evidence generally admissible; irrelevant evidence inadmissible.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-403Rule 403. Exclusion of relevant evidence on grounds of prejudice, confusion, or waste of time.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-404Rule 404. Character evidence not admissible to prove conduct; exceptions; other crimes.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-405Rule 405. Methods of proving character.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-406Rule 406. Habit; routine practice.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-407Rule 407. Subsequent remedial measures.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-408Rule 408. Compromise and offers to compromise.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-409Rule 409. Payment of medical and other expenses.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-410Rule 410. Inadmissibility of pleas, plea discussions, and related statements.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-411Rule 411. Liability insurance.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-412Rule 412. Rape or sex offense cases; relevance of victim's past behavior.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-413Rule 413. Medical actions; statements to ameliorate or mitigate adverse outcome.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-414Rule 414. Evidence of medical expenses.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 5 - Privileges. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-501Rule 501. General rule.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 6 - Witnesses. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-601Rule 601. General rule of competency; disqualification of witness.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-602Rule 602. Lack of personal knowledge.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-603Rule 603. Oath or affirmation.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-604Rule 604. Interpreters.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-605Rule 605. Competency of judge as witness.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-606Rule 606. Competency of juror as witness.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-607Rule 607. Who may impeach.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-608Rule 608. Evidence of character and conduct of witness.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-609Rule 609. Impeachment by evidence of conviction of crime.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-610Rule 610. Religious beliefs or opinions.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-611Rule 611. Mode and order of interrogation and presentation.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-612Rule 612. Writing or object used to refresh memory.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-613Rule 613. Prior statements of witnesses.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-614Rule 614. Calling and interrogation of witnesses by court.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-615Rule 615. Exclusion of witnesses.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-616Rule 616. Alternative testimony of witnesses with developmental disabilities or mental retardation in civil cases and special proceedings.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 7 - Opinions and Expert Testimony. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-701Rule 701. Opinion testimony by lay witness.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-702Rule 702. Testimony by experts.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-703Rule 703. Bases of opinion testimony by experts.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-704Rule 704. Opinion on ultimate issue.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-705Rule 705. Disclosure of facts or data underlying expert opinion.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-706Rule 706. Court appointed experts.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 8 - Hearsay. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-801Rule 801. Definitions and exception for admissions of a party-opponent.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-802Rule 802. Hearsay rule.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-803Rule 803. Hearsay exceptions; availability of declarant immaterial.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-804Rule 804. Hearsay exceptions; declarant unavailable.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-805Rule 805. Hearsay within hearsay.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-806Rule 806. Attacking and supporting credibility of declarant.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 9 - Authentication and Identification. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-901Rule 901. Requirement of authentication or identification.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-902Rule 902. Self-authentication.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-903Rule 903. Subscribing witness' testimony unnecessary.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 10 - Contents of Writings, Recordings and Photographs. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1001Rule 1001. Definitions.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1002Rule 1002. Requirement of original.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1003Rule 1003. Admissibility of duplicates.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1004Rule 1004. Admissibility of other evidence of contents.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1005Rule 1005. Public records.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1006Rule 1006. Summaries.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1007Rule 1007. Testimony or written admission of party.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1008Rule 1008. Functions of court and jury.[RTF] [PDF]
Article 11 - Miscellaneous Rules. [RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1101Rule 1101. Applicability of rules.[RTF] [PDF]
G.S. 8C-1102Rule 1102. Short title.[RTF] [PDF]