53-208.19. Authorized delegate contracts.

Licensees desiring to conduct licensed activities through authorized delegates in this State shall authorize each delegate to operate pursuant to an express written contract, which shall provide the following:

(1) That the licensee appoints the person as its delegate with authority to engage in money transmission on behalf of the licensee.

(2) That neither a licensee nor an authorized delegate may authorize subdelegates without the written consent of the Commissioner.

(3) That licensees are subject to supervision and regulation by the Commissioner.

(4) A licensee shall issue a certificate of authority for each location at which it conducts licensed activities in this State through authorized delegates. The certificate shall be posted in public view at each location and shall state as follows: "Money transmission on behalf of (licensee) is conducted at this location pursuant to the Money Transmitters Act." (2001-443, s. 2.)